Two sayings

I have always heard wise saying that, waking up early brings lots of good in life and health.

I also have heard a wise saying that, the most beautiful thing about an individual is his inner self.

The second one can’t be wrong, because it is not something I always hear, nobody is advertising it. On the other side, some religions, some cultures and some theories that keep on giving people fake promises say it is a must to wake up early to see the real beauty of your life and around.

For beauty, is there something as real and not real?

If unreal is beautiful, is not that the reality of the present mind, will the wise deny it?

Marginally creative minds see and enjoy beauty, people poor in creativity imitates others responses to beauty. And outstanding creative minds create beauty or preserve them in another form. Even they don’t create beauty; it’s just transformation of beauty from one form to another. A transformation from the nature with fragrance, forces, calmness, breeze, mist, snow, and colors, a transformation from a nature with millions when you can see only hundreds to one side of a paper.

And the other side of the paper remains infinity. Infinity is not that space or distance as your education say, but it’s the depth of possibilities it can contain. Just like the appetite of an infant’s mind, able to take anything, but shrinking from the moment it was born, shrinking till it’s physical state get wrinkles and those wrinkles become the body and soul of the mind, and then till it loses all it have had in its appetite by a lifetime.

Paper dies, never today, but just after the midnight.

Beauty can never die, for it was never born. It just existed in the pulses and in those neurons of the admirer and in the wrinkles on his face, wrinkles when he smiles, when he gets wise – by age.
Transmission continues till it causes transformation in brain to record the beauty for some time (indefinitely long).

An immortal man is born when one succeeds in keeping alive all the beauty he has seen in his life, right on his face even when it actually sleeps calm deep inside him.

A little detour? Excuse me.

Back those two things, I always believed in both. Ever since I was a child I was obsessed with waking up early and continuously failed in my attempts to become an early bird. Had I succeeded in waking up early, I would have succeeded in many, I would have started praying in fajr, I would have become my parents fav kid, I’d have become more successful. Nothing happened. Not an early bird, I never became a bird, I never flew.

Now that, that obsession has given me a habit, every day I plan to wake up early and it gives me fuel to sleep till the Sun gets hot. And every day I wake up to my failure. It kept on coming, don’t know when I started loving it back.

Now I see most beautiful dreams of my life when I stay awake at night, late nights. I see myself, I see everything in these dark nights when I actually think I want to sleep, still my mind enjoy being awake and I keep writing something like this and name it ‘Midnight Kicks’.

Again those two sayings,

Let’s forget the first one, the second one is true.

Look for yourself, I can tell you it’s not as tough as I thought it will be. You won’t know what actually you are searching for, but eventually when you find it, you will just know you have it already.