Those Mighty Grins

Two lids of my eyes are failing to cover my mind and make me sleep. Current from thoughts is so high. Burning like an oven it shows changes of faces so often, so many things in a short time. Many repeated yet not boring, each triggering the next.

Fear; is it something we were born with?

Did we know about this feel as we were infants?

Like everything else, were we trained to fear? For good or for bad but involuntarily by our parents, our brothers our relatives neighbors and later by everything that faked to care about us.

They were so embarrassed that they were afraid and they couldn’t hide that shame when they saw fear missing in our eyes. They tried so hard to hide that shame but it wouldn’t go, instead it changed its shape to anger, like a mask. They wore that fake mask long enough till they made sure that we got the message and they saw the fear showing up in our eyes and our moves.

And they grinned.

Because they just reinstated their superiority.

Some of those grins torn my eye lids today and took my sleep away.

Whole day I was fighting that grin and now I am getting the clue.

Hope I remember this when I get fear in my eyes and hope I can avoid wearing th mask.

I love kids.