Men Under Bush

I was in Assam for a motor sport event clubbed with music festival, ‘Garden Rush 17’ set inside a 900 acres big tea estate. It was their second year and from a motoring event in first year it became a festival. For some reason the size of the crowd showed up wasn’t anywhere close enough to be called a Festival crowd.

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Arrived on 2nd day of the three day event I was not able to get me hooked to the events going on and ventured out of the venue – a big ground amidst the estate covered with temporary compound walls, inside the walls it mostly empty.

Once outside there was something else that got my due attention. There was crowd, seemed like entire people from village around came to the event, but they can’t get in because entry fee of Rupees 500 was heavy for their income that mostly came from working in the same estate. Instead they stood next to tin sheets of the wall on all sides of the venue and peeped through and over it to find out what really was happening.

What fascinated me was the way the entire village assembled there sitting on top of tree, finding higher planes to see over the wall or find a gap in the wall to steal a view.

People looked like they probably had dressed in their best clothes you do when you were going to a village festival. There were children, youngsters, women and old men with visible amusement on their faces.

The irony was, people inside, like me, were bored as we were expecting something more spectacular that never happened as a big number of people stood outside throughout the day and looked at the venue even when nothing much was going on.