Choices and repeatedly regretted mistakes

You fall asleep each time you make an important desicion which will have strong impact on your future, or regarding your most critical resources.

It is like, when u woke up you have an arrow and a bow in your hand. You know once you fire it in the right direction, it comes back to you with prosperity and joy.

You dont know which way to shoot the arrow to get what you know you’ll get. You find yourself in the middle of people just like you wearing bow¬† and arrow, and you know you have to shoot the arrow. But you have not yet decided which way, for that you look around to people near and around you – but not beyond, and now you can see most of them shooting to same way. And there you go…. You shot your one in th same direction.

Now as you wait for th arrow to come back with prosperity, things get clear, now as you are frer, you see beyond those people. You face the truth, you shot in damn wrong way.

It doesn’t end here.

Now you know, you have to look around before shooting. But now you fall asleep…..

You wake up next when you are given another arrow in hand.

Hence th cycle……..