About ellipses - 2

And you keep going back to same space trying to imitate the time in search of that combination of space, time and luck that worked. Hard it is, because time and space are also physics and they work in an entirely strange way, more when you are in love.

And when you are there you find objects, tiny details of how it felt and how the wind blew in to her eyes. And the realizatdion is that you remember every detail of those moments even though all you saw was her. You remember the song that was going on in the silent breeze around you and how magical each word felt as they came after long intervals even though you have perceived it long back, where silence is as beautiful as a poetry that neither you nor her wanted to let go.

For you were selfish and she’s going to be gone, you were caught hit by the decision to be made do I live all these moments now or do I preserve them for the drought you know is going to happen and will anyway kill you.

And when she leaves, its just a bit of warmth left before the winter gets in to you.

For years to come you are coming back, like in an ellipse, for you are no more in control or you probably never were. Years on, you will still have things to look for, because you forget nothing and because you can’t anymore say what was the share of your imagination in what actually happened.

About eclipse -1 ,  I just remember the track, don’t try to look for it.