My professor once said “Engineers and technologist and scientists who finished in prestigious institutes here go abroad to work, leaving their country to drag behind the countries that they work for”. Looks pretty sensible a complaint but these words are deceiving, these are the words of a person who despite his knowledge, genius and will to advance in his field, chose comfort – a government job – and stayed back and did nothing.

Safety and comfort, after all, will make you think that you are in your saturation and you don’t have to work any more, what’s been done is more than enough, and that’s all.

Now you know it is never told in a way it actually is, if one thinks that he can get more views and ideas if he do his profession in a place where that profession is actually blooming, he better be there than staying back for the sake of patriotism and other kind of bullshits and getting his ass burned in local politics.

I think the term ‘Brain Drain’ itself was formed by some lazy cowards who earlier decided to saty back in comfort of their family and their petty job and now regret it. They took time to realize that for this much time they have not even been working but dying. And they are scared to death because of this late discovery.